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Ms. Lane works with employers in California providing the following services:

1) Conducts neutral investigations of discrimination, harassment and workplace misconduct complaints;

2) Provides training prevention of harassment and discrimination (compliant with California AB1825 requirements), effective management skills, conflict resolution for all levels of management;

3) Consults with organizations and teams to design programs relating to effective communications and leadership skills which improve individual, organizational and team performance;

4) Provides coaching to individual executives, managers, supervisors and employees on issues relating to communication, conflict resolution, harassment, discrimination, anger management, bullying and other behavior which may result in liability for the individual and organization;

5) Provides advice and counsel to companies in a variety of employment related matters.

These services are designed to help employers prevent costly employee lawsuits and promote legally compliant workplaces through sound employment practices and policies. In addition, the training and coaching services promote greater workplace satisfaction and productivity by applying effective communication and conflict resolution skills.



Posted: 19 Aug 2009
First Step in addressing Violence in the Workplace 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherViolence in the workplace is on the rise and many companies have found an effective policy is the first step in informing employees of how to identify and address potentially violent behavior before i ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 06 Apr 2009
Executive Coaching 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherExecutive coaching is an effective process to assist an executive with stress management, setting and achieving goals and addressing inappropriate behavior.

A 2001 report entitled 'Maximizing the Im ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 06 Apr 2009
Firefighters' civil rights case could reshape hiring policies 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe US Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in a case involving 20 white firefighters allege racial discrimination. (New Haven, Conn.)

The case, scheduled to be argued this month broadly raises th ... read RSS feed item.

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