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Workplace Investigation

The law requires an employer to conduct investigation into discrimination and harassment complaints. Many employers also choose to conduct investigations into complaints for inappropriate and unprofessional workplace behavior which may violate the company's Code of Conduct. Ms. Lane conducts neutral and objective fact finding workplace investigation into sexual harassment, discrimination or other alleged workplace misconduct. Conflicts in the workplace often reference a “hostile work environment” which may result from poor management techniques or personality conflicts. In any case, these complaints and conflicts if investigated effectively protect the company and often assist in resolving conflicts among employees and improving the environment and workplace productivity.

The advantage of hiring a Ms. Lane to conduct these investigations is two fold: 1) Ms. Lane is an Attorney and the Business and Professions Code requires investigators be licensed attorneys or licensed investigators; 2) Ms. Lane is an experienced in employment law and understands what information is relevant to the complaint which often decreases the time required to conduct the investigation and providing a comprehensive written report of the findings of fact, assessment of the credibility of the individuals interviewed and in following the EEOC Guidelines for such investigations.

Advice and Counsel

Advising and counseling and assisting employers in matters relating to disciplinary action, performance evaluations and terminations. Developing and reviewing employment handbooks, job description, employment agreements and other employment related policies, procedures and documentation.


Professional Training and Coaching Services

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