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Employee and Management Training

Ms. Lane provides training to public and private organizations and their employees in the following areas: Discrimination and harassment prevention for managers and supervisors as required by AB1825 in California; discrimination and harassment prevention for all employees; effective management training addressing effective ways to eliminate bulling in the workplace; how to deal with difficult people; and conflict resolution skill building.
One on one training is also proved when an organization and/or executive, manager or supervisor or employee, believe this form of training would be more beneficial for the individual as an alternative or in addition to other forms of discipline.

Executive Coaching

One on One coaching for individual executives, managers, supervisors or individual employees. This coaching emphasizes ways to improve communication skills, creating strategies to reduce stress and gain balance at work and in life beyond work. Executives working with coaches improve their performance, job satisfaction and that of their employees and others in their circle of influence. This coaching is also beneficial for individuals dealing with anger management or other issues which create problems in the workplace.

Coaching Teams and Organizations

Coaching teams to accomplish greater understanding of organizational goals, and how each member of the team and/or organization can contribute to attaining that goal while maintaining healthy relationships. An effective team reduces stress, improves employee satisfaction, productivity and the profitability of the organization.

Professional Legal Services

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